Materials and processes are what drive my artmaking. It is important that the use of diverse materials match the method, means, and making of my collages and assemblages.  I am always looking for intriguing objects, boxes, images, and the one particular item that will make my art sing. I wander through flea markets, antique shops, weekend garage sales, and friend’s attics and basements with glee and anticipation. I use recycled images and objects to create poignant, humorous, and quirky art. Blending and juxtaposing objects and images in imaginative ways to transcend their meanings and open the work to many differing interpretations. I like the viewer to look, engage and muse about the intricate layers of meaning that reside in the artwork. My collages and assemblages are an overt statement on human nature, social commentaries, stereotypes, and our combined relationships to society and the world.